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Little River’s High School program provides a variety of options for students to make choices and work at their own pace, in their own way. Students are prepared to be life-long learners, solve problems and nurture their own inner voice. Students can do their work on or off campus, take college classes (including free classes at St. Lawrence University), and do internships. Our small classes are alternative in form and content. Student curriculums are individualized and the requirements are flexible enough to meet the student’s needs. The teachers are supportive and nurturing.

The school works best for students who are awed and energized by the opportunities of the most alternative high school in the North Country and will use those opportunities.


The Basics

*Grades 9-12, ages 14-19

*Up to 8 full-time equivalent students

*Classes and overall approach tailored to the individual needs, interests and goals of each student.

*Students have a say in forming their curriculum and the day-to-day school activities.

*Non-Regents program

*22 credits needed to graduate


*Community Service

*Opportunity for college classes

*Equip students for college or work, life long learning, and problem solving



*Core academic classes at Little River

*College Classes – Students may take classes at local colleges, including free classes at St. Lawrence University through the High School Enrichment Program


*Independent Study

*Design your own program

*There are on-line classes that one can do at his/her own pace



*Responsibility for one’s own learning

*Open-ended program that adapts to the changing needs of the students

*Family participation

*Strong student participation into form, content and process of his/her education

*Development and use of communication skills

*Social awareness and connections with other students at the school and the larger community

*Solid academic skills

*Problem solving skills

*Trust in students; trust in teachers

*Take part in a caring and nurturing environment

*Starting where the student is at academically, socially, and emotionally.

*Understanding that these priorities can create positive change in the world beyond high school.


Who is this program for?

*If you find some of these items to be true for you, then this may be the program you are looking for.

*High school age students that want to design their own program

*Students of diverse interests and abilities

*Students with or seeking a clear sense of purpose

*Students concerned about peace and justice

*Students who thrive in a small group environment


*Students who want to change the world

*Students who are looking to prepare themselves for college, apprenticeships, or life

*Students who may not have fit into the traditional school structure because they were different

*Students who live in families with alternative lifestyles or values

*Students who want to be in a mixed age setting

*Students who are looking for mentors or guidance

*Creative students

*Students who are willing to try a variety of activities

*Students who thrive on a hands-on approach

*Students who are honest with themselves and others

*Students who are willing to explore themselves

*Students who work best at their own pace

*Students who are seeking a holistic approach to education and life

*Students who work cooperatively in a group

*Students who work independently