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At Little River Community School, we have a fundamental trust in children and their inherent motivation to learn about their world.

Children are given the opportunity to embark on their quest for knowledge and understanding at their own pace. We provide many resources for this journey, including experience, support, encouragement, a variety of hands-on learning materials and opportunities for field trips. With a student-teacher ratio of 8:1, we create the “one-room school house” model where students of all ages work together in the same class.

Children are encouraged to understand and relate to the changing world around them. Given the opportunity, the students develop self-reliance and confidence, enabling them to make decisions and to take responsibility for the results of their actions. We nurture continued self-motivation rather than dependence on external motivation. Little River students are encouraged to help one another and learn through cooperation.

The school is committed to values that are nonviolent and nondiscriminatory regarding race, gender, sexual orientation, age and handicapping condition.

By maintaining close ties with people in the community, the activities of the school become relevant in everyday life. All school activities take place in a loving environment that nurtures self-confidence and mutual respect.